Kings XI Punjab‬, ‪Delhi Daredevils‬, ‪2018 Indian Premier League‬, ‪Feroz Shah Kotla Ground‬‬
Kings XI Punjab‬, ‪Delhi Daredevils‬, ‪2018 Indian Premier League‬, ‪Feroz Shah Kotla Ground‬‬

Ipl 2018, KXIP vs DD: Will Yuvraj Singh finish the ‘bad luck’ of Feroz Shah Kotla today?

Kings XI Punjab‬, ‪Delhi Daredevils‬, ‪2018 Indian Premier League‬, ‪Feroz Shah Kotla Ground‬‬. KXIP vs DD: In the Indian Premier League-11, the first five matches for Yuvraj Singh have proved to be very dry! Runs are not going and bat rugs are visible!

New Delhi: What has happened to Yuvraj Singh! There is no cold, no cough, no malaria. And neither … no. How can we think like this? Now the UV is married. ‘What has this happened to Yuvraj Singh?’ “Earlier, missed the captaincy of Punjab and now in the Indian Premier League (IPL) -11 this’, in the tournament, ‘will the Yuvi keep clapping for other batsmen in the tournament?’ Yes, some similar things are happening to Yuvraj Singh’s fans now. What to do now, Yuvraj Singh himself has given this opportunity to the fans.

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So far, for the Yuvraj Singh in the Indian Premier League-11, everything has been drought-prone! Today, he is going to play another match against the domestic team Delhi Daredevils. The big question is, will this drought end in Firoz Kotla today? This question is not a big question, friends. The reason is that the history of Firoz Shah Kotla has made this question very big. We will definitely talk to you about this special history. Talks about the first UV’s performance so far.

Kings XI Punjab had great hopes from UV. And the people of the UV know also that the left-handed batsman has been eyeing the 2019 World Cup. But this is not going to work. You see yourself running in 3 innings of 5 matches, 36. Twenty is their best score. And the average is 12.00. Is it the average of Yuvraj?

The UV brothers are stinging your picture of celebrating your loved ones on Gayle’s century. The reason is that your fans want they celebrate such a celebration on your shifts.Happy swings, blood dances The history of Kotla from these fans look like a scab in leprosy. Scared. One bad form, the history of this heartless Kotla from the top!

Let us know that Yuvraj has scored 4,6,8 in matches played in Firoz Shah Kotla. Shocked The shocking thing is. So bigger batter And score it. This is the tension given to Yuvraj’s fans. UV brothers are the best chance today. Wash ‘all sin’ today Best of luck!




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