samsung galaxy zero
samsung galaxy zero

Samsung Galaxy Zero Trailer, Price, Specifications, Release Date


New Samsung Galaxy Zero Trailer Is Leaked by Just in tech YouTube channel. Now Samsung is Bringing 100% True Bezel-Less Display Smartphone to the global market. It will be the first device by Samsung which provides the True Bezel-Less Device in its upcoming Samsung Galaxy Zero. 

Samsung Galaxy Zero Release Date

The Launching Date of Samsung Galaxy Zero is Expeted to launch in Year End 2018. Now the Device Getting more Craze to the Fans of Samsung Company.


The patent (WO/2017/204483) shows exactly how Samsung will achieve this. The company plans to use “bent areas” on the main display so it can curve 180 degrees around the top, bottom and sides of the smartphone.

But why would Samsung extend its so-called ‘edge displays’ like this?

Firstly it simply looks stunning, as the LetsGoDigital concept illustrates above. Secondly it would bring new functionality such as side or top notifications (image being able to see your notifications from the top of your phone without even needing to take it out your pocket). And thirdly it would allow the replacement of physical power and volumes buttons with virtual ones that reduce repairs and increase water resistance.

Furthermore none of this ‘display folding’ technology is science fiction. Perhaps most notably Apple’s newly launched iPhone X actually achieves its bezel reduction via – yes – bending the edges of the glass around the display. Though in Apple’s case the display bends internally inside the phone, rather than being wrapped visibly around the edges.


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